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ITnss Hosting offers you the world’s most powerful workgroup solution as a cloud service at low monthly costs. The Small Business product line is ideal for small businesses and freelancers.
Product details Small business mailbox classes
Basic Exchange Standard Exchange Pro Exchange
Storage space per mailbox 2 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Data transfer per month unlimited unlimited unlimited
Speicherplatzerweiterung in 1 GB-Schritten optional optional
Maximum storage space per mailbox 50 GB 50 GB 50 GB
Can be used with an existing domain
Access to mailboxes
Outlook in the browser (including offline access)
IMAP access
POP3 access
Access with Outlook Client (MAPI over HTTPS) -
Outlook Mobile App for iOS and Android -
Comparison with smartphones: iPhone, Android (ActiveSync®) -
Access with Outlook 2016 & 2019 for Mac / Apple Mail -
Max. ActiveSync® device partnerships - 3 10
Microsoft® Outlook
Microsoft® Outlook license included (current version for Windows or Mac, different languages) - -
Spam and virus protection
Spam and virus protection
Globally defined spam and virus protection specifications
Central management through ITnss Hosting
Activation of a spam quarantine
Individual white and blacklists optional optional optional
Message-Tracking / E-Mail Logbuch optional optional optional
Extensive reports and statistics optional optional optional
Exchange functions
Workgroup functions (e.g. access to other users' mailboxes, group calendars, etc.) -
Resource mailboxes
Number of email addresses per mailbox 2 5 20
Microsoft® Exchange Deleted Item Retention Period 14 Tage 14 Tage 14 Tage
E-mail delivery & receipt
Maximum gross size of an email to be received / sent 25 MB 25 MB 25 MB
Maximum number of simultaneous e-mail recipients per e-mail 100 500 1.000
Max. Number of e-mails sent per day 1.000 1.000 20.000
Max. Number of e-mails sent per min. 30 30 100
Address masking: Use any sender address
Hosted Exchange FeaturePacks
Advanced User Management he-aum optional
Reporting & Notification Management he-rnm optional
Advanced Group and Contact Management he-agcm optional
Access Management he-am optional
Security Policy and Mobile Management he-spmm optional
Advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus he-aasav optional
Advanced backup management he-abm optional
Advanced Auto Reply Management he-arm optional
Exchange environment
Based on the Microsoft® Exchange Server 2016 hosting platform
Availability at application level (high service level agreement) at least 99.9%
Daily data backup
Keeping backups 7 days
High security data center (ISO 27001)
Data center location Germany
Customer options
Domain registration optional
Audit-proof e-mail archiving optional
Unified messaging (sending SMS, receiving and sending faxes) optional
Email encryption optional
Public folder - optional optional
Info mailbox - optional optional
Email disclaimer optional
Active Directory Sync optional
Prices per mailbox
New customer offer * 365 days free of charge and right of withdrawal *
Monthly basic fee for a 12-month contract period € 1.18 **
(€ 0.99 plus VAT)
€ 4.99 **
(€ 4.19 plus VAT)
€ 7.13 **
(€ 5.99 plus VAT)
Monthly basic fee for a contract period of 24 months € 1.18 **
(€ 0.99 plus VAT)
€ 4,63**
(€ 3.89 plus VAT)
€ 6.41 **
(€ 5.39 excl.VAT)
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System requirements : at least Outlook 2010 SP1 or Outlook 2011 for Mac, Windows 7 and higher * New customer offer: Only applies to companies that have not been a QualityHosting customer within the last 6 months. ** We pass on the VAT reduction decided by the Federal Government of Germany to you. The price shown here includes 19% VAT. However, you will only be charged 16% VAT on your invoice from July 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020.

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* New customer offer: the first 365 days free of charge, including the right to withdraw from the respective contract. Only applies to companies that have not been a QualityHosting customer within the last 6 months.

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